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Radio-frequency identification or RFID is a wireless technology used to transfer information between two points, usually a tag and a special reading system. The tags electronically store data, which is transmitted through electromagnetic fields, and will operate a few meters away without needing to make direct contact. The RFID technology has many applications in a number of industries. Tags or labels using this innovative technology are used as tracking systems for products and animals, event and transportation ticketing and in access points. For instance, RFID tags are very useful during production, because manufacturers can follow the progress of different parts on the assembly line, not to mention that personnel working in dangerous conditions as for instance on gas platforms wear this type of tags as a safety precaution. The tags will give information around the clock with regards to their location and ensure they will receive help in emergency situations as soon as possible. RFID inlays, tags and labels can be attached to objects and implanted within animals and people helping you keep track of your possessions and carry vital information. For instance, one can find out the medical record of a person or the address of a lost pet by reading the data stored inside these chips.The applications of the RFID technology are not only numerous, but also revolutionizing. In commerce, this technology can be used as a more efficient payment method with our mobile phones, can help retailers with asset management and improve the inventory system, promote and track products, not to mention that it can also improve the access control. Imagine going shopping and simply leaving the store without taking the products you want out from your cart and without waiting for ages until the checkout line clears in front of you. The Radio-frequency identification technology can change the way we shop completely by eliminating the need of checkouts. A simple RFID label to replace bar codes and everything in the cart will be identified immediately and the total sum taken out from your bank account. Everything you hate about grocery shopping, waiting in line, paying in cash and having to take out everything you buy and place it back again, will disappear with the help of this amazing new technology. RFID tags have already been used in many occasions in the last few years. If you stop and think about it, tracking the products you ordered online, the enhanced public transportation and event ticketing options, the automatic process of taking books out from libraries, the micro controllers used in passports and ID cards and so on, already use this technology. We owe RFID many improvements brought to many domains and the future promises even more extraordinary things.If you wish to find out more about this technology, you can make a quick search on the Internet and information with regards to how RFID tags and readers work will surface immediately. Detailed explanations and the possibility to order and find out the price for such a system can be found on manufacturers’ official websites. There are some major microelectronic technologies developers that are responsible with the manufacturing of power discretes, micro controllers, card chips, RFID tags and inlays, allowing the production of a series of cutting edge devices such as intellectual cards.