The Major Uses of Fibre-Optic Technology |

The advantages of fibre-optic technology are well known. It is cost-efficient and flexible as well. The risk of signal interference is virtually non-existent. These advantages have made this technology a preferred choice for many industries. Learn where and how it is used.TelecommunicationsUndoubtedly, the fibre-optic technology has many applications in telecommunications. It is used for telephone communication and for connecting the computers within a network. It is preferred for its better performance and for providing more bandwidth.It is really easy to see the difference between the optic and other systems. When you have a telephone conversation with someone on the other side of the Atlantic, you will hear echo if the phones are connected via satellite. There is no interference when the signal is carried by the transatlantic optic cables.MedicineThe fibre-optic technology is used in medicine for both examination and treatments. The endoscope is a device which is based on this technology. It is used for the examination of the internal organs of the body. It is very thin and light and creates minimum discomfort for the patient while producing high-quality images at a super high speed.The laparoscope is another extremely valuable medical tool based on this technology. It uses a thin optical cable which enables the doctor to have a clear view of the formations which have to be removed during a surgery without having to make a big cut of the abdominal or pelvic area of the patient. The cut is tiny and this speeds up the recovery time greatly.Mechanical ApplicationsIn mechanics, this technology is also used for inspecting the internal parts of machines which are virtually impossible to get to without complex and time-consuming disassembly. Typically, the tools which are based on this technology are used for producing images of the welding of the pipes and engines of airplanes, space shuttles and cars. They help to save time, effort and money and to ensure the highest levels of performance and security as well.TransportationThe transportation systems are getting smarter because of the fibre-optic technology used in them. This technology helps for automatic traffic lights, message signs and even tollbooths. The fibres are used in the high-speed electric trains as well. They are the transmission medium for controlling the switching of power semiconductors within the convertors of the electrical motors.Last, but not least, the fibre-optic technology is now extensively used by the military thanks to the high effectiveness and high security which it offers. It is used in radar systems and missile launchers.